About Go Sushi


GO SUSHI is an Australian owned and operated company creating fast healthy food that everyone can enjoy, adults and children alike.

Australian owned & operated



What is sushi?

Many people think sushi means “raw fish” but it actually means “seasoned rice”. Sushi is a marriage of vinegared rice with other ingredients including chicken, fish and vegetables.

The Truck

Fresh and Healthy

You will find Go Sushi stores across Australia.
Offering customers a fast, fresh and healthy product. Go Sushi has taken an Eastern favourite and given it a Western twist, without losing the essence or flavour of this wholesome and traditional food.

Catering & Events

Customer Promise

Go Sushi aims to provide its customers with fresh, tasty and quality take-away sushi products, in a friendly and hygienic environment. Our commitment to detail, quality, freshness and service assures our customers a superior product that is consistent and of the highest quality.