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Your success is our success. Our franchise system and support is geared to help and support you in every step of your business life.

Go Sushi is committed to strong branding, excellent products that are made fresh, happy customers and great relationships with our Franchise Partners.

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Everything we do helps our franchise partners succeed.

Here is a summary of some of the support and systems you can expect when joining our franchise. Get in touch today.

Excellent store and location:
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    Access to our National Support Team

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    “Turnkey” store set-up

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    Access to our in-house design Team

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    Ongoing Product Development

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    Marketing Ideas Bank

We have a centralised support office that works with you

About Us

An Australian owned and operated company, Go Sushi is committed to strong branding, excellent products, happy customers and great relationships within the Go Sushi franchise network. We are committed to helping you, the franchise partner achieve your full potential.

The Go Sushi Support Team are dedicated to providing you with the skills, tools and know-how to run and own your own business. As part of the Go Sushi team you will benefit from the vast experience gained over years of brand and product building.

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There is nothing better than a premium freshly made product. At Go Sushi we have the ability to provide customers with a freshly made product in store, every day

Supermarket Kiosk Locations

Customers are able to buy handrolls including black and brown rice, nigiris, lunch and dinner packs, and order sushi platters direct from the store.

Want to learn more bout kiosks? Contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.

Why Choose Go Sushi?

  • Ongoing operational support
  • Marketing support including access to our in-house designer
  • In store training with you and your team to focus on areas of improvement and innovation and build brand passion amongst your team
  • Tried and tested menu, with in-store recipes, including annual menu updates

Own Your Own

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